Why you should add automation to your skill set?

Why you should add automation to your skill set?

In last few years you might have observed the stress over automation testing skills in most of the test analyst job ads. Knowledge of automation tools like Selenium, Load Runner, and JMeter etc is coming into pictures. Probably it is the increasing complexities and integrations of the application that is turning manual testing less reliable to get the job alone. Customers are looking for more accurate results with high scalability but within limited cost. Thus, testing has now widened its dimension from a ‘team’ to ‘crowd’ concept where testers are supposed to work in a cloud environment with automation knowledge.

Does that mean manual testing is dead or going to be obsolete? This may be a debatable issue everywhere, but most importantly it is all about ‘survival of the fittest’ in this changing software eco-system. Hence, know the sparking reasons in the industry to understand why adding automation skill is essential for your career as a tester.

Reason 1: Changing the software development model and market trend

The software industry is continuously shifting toward an agile model which ultimately stressing on ‘whole team’ approach rather than discrete team model. Moreover, in this model, there is a need for continuous integration which is very much time-bound activity from QA perspective. So, in this model, the only optimum solution is automated testing to assure quality outcome.

Reason 2: Increased complexity and use of automation

With increased demand for flexibility in applications from customer ends, applications are becoming more and more complex. On the other hand integration technologies have also taken a rapid upgradation which has made overall process huge and complex. Manual testing cannot suffice all the testing demands in this situation. Testing areas like browser compatibility, performance, database, integration layers etc cannot be done without automation. Moreover, several testing automation tools in the market can dedicatedly support these specific types. Hence, organizations are looking these particular skills in the testers to get more accurate test results.

Reason 3: Companies are looking for automated testing skills

As organizations are moving towards automation they are looking for at least one generation automation tool knowledge among the testers. It could be tested harness tool, data-driven tool or action based tool based on their maturity level in automation testing.

Reason 4: It can help in career shift from programmer

As automation is a growing field, if you can add up automation skill in your resume along with other programming skills it will definitely show a new horizon for you. If you have a programming background that will simplify your move to automation as a QA engineer. Once you have programming knowledge you will have more idea at the code level to generate test criteria on the inner functionalities of the code. As automation tests mostly based on the code, the knowledge of the programming language is one of the critical requirements for a tester to work as the whole team. And it is present demand in the current agile model.

For example, if you are testing a product that is written in Ruby, then you must have some Ruby experience. Similarly during UI/UX testing knowledge of HTTP/HTTPS, HTML, CSS, JS, XML can help a lot.

Reason 5: Domain knowledge comes parallel to automation

Now, most testing companies are willing to hire candidates who have other technical knowledge that they bring apart from Testing Skills. Domain knowledge is another key area companies are looking for while hiring candidates for testing. Be it is testers with domain expertise like BFSI, Telecom, Healthcare etc or technical expertise of Programming Languages, BI Tools, SQL and much more. Automation Testing just fits into these categories.

Reason 6: Organizations are looking for a cost-effective solution

Its very well known fact if you are automating, you are for sure making some of the life very easy who are tired of repetitive work. You are doing cost saving of the project reducing man-hours for automated tasks. With the fast move towards automation and Artificial intelligence, the market is clearly indicating towards job cut. Hence, if you can’t grow simultaneously in terms of knowledge and skill there is a higher risk to survive in the industry. So, learning automation tools are not only necessary but a need with current market perspective.

Conclusion: Learning automation doesn’t mean the need for manual testing is over. It is no denying fact that although you go for automation testing you can’t do 100% automation testing even if it is artificial intelligence based. After all manual logic is the key. But yes, the big ‘but’ here is there is no room for denying the fact that the industry is trending heavily toward automated testing. Hence, as a tester, you just can’t afford to bury your heads in the sand by ignoring the modern-day tools and techniques that are being used for test automation. If you want to grow you must be open to learning new skills and keep your pace with the time.


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