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Testunity is the fastest growing software testing community in India with 10000+ QA professionals part of it. We have been creating testing processes and testing products from around the world, spreading our community’s wings as far as possible. We have always welcomed talented and bright minds in our community with open arms. If you possess prodigious expertise about digital testing or crowdsourcing testing, come join us and grow together.

Benefits of joining the Testunity community:

  1. Earn money in your free time with your unique skillset: Testunity is best known for its work in crowdsourced testing, enabling freelancers to grow from around the world. We help our registered testers grow with key emphasis given on exploratory testing and on-demand testing. On-demand testing includes manual testing, automation testing, performances testing and security testing in general with the integration of AI when necessary. Every type of testing has its own challenges and that is why there is place for committed testers in our community. Once you join our digital portal, we assign the projects based on your Tester Score and the skillset you have.
  2. Attend free webinars and TestTalks: Testunity truly believes in working and growing as a community. We conduct TestUnity webinars and TestTalks to find able minds. All the programs are based on the current hot topics in the field of testing to help you understand the developments and measure your knowledge as well. The methodologies of working, the different tools required to conduct a successful test and different machine languages are some of the common topics covered in our webinars. By doing so, we are able to identify the brightest minds of all and provide them opportunities to indulge in testing and writing and in turn expand the testing community. We use the Zoom meeting tool to conduct our webinars enabling writers and testers from around the world to participate. We use our TestUnity tester Community Facebook group to conduct our TestTalks. It is exclusive for the members of our community. We connect to expert testers and writers through this portal and invite them to join our writing community.
  3. Meetup, Testathon, and Workshop: For those who cannot join our online webinars or talks, we come up with meetups and workshops from time to time. We cover most of the major cities in India like Delhi/NCR, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Pune, and Mumbai. In these workshops, the community members get a chance to interact physically with the experts in the field of testing and QA. The Testathon is one of the highlights or attractions of our workshops where testers indulge in a daylong testing hackathon program. The participants compete to break the given application as quickly as possible to win the huge prize money. It is not just interactive and fun, we also provide lectures on various testing tools and the hot topics in the field of digital testing and quality assurance
  4. Offline and Online Training: Since TestUnity believe in fulfilling the needs of the members in our community, we have come up with online as well as offline training in the field of testing. We offer free and paid courses on the study and working of different tools and other important topics. For better accessibility of course and training materials, we have developed the LMS (Learning Management System) where candidates can access their course materials for lifetime.
  1. Write for Community: This program is for QA professionals who love writing, Testunity provide the platform to show your writing talent and be rewarded in terms of money and passes to attend the paid meetups, webinars and conferences. You can choose your field of interest to write articles, blogs, Quora answers, content for training and Medium posts. Here, you are not just imparting knowledge but gaining and learning back from the community as well. Check “write for us” section for more details.
  1. Speak for Community: Another way to contribute to the testing community is to shower your expertise in Testunity events like Meetups, Webinars and TestTalks. We offer remuneration for all our speakers, making it a profitable experience for you, not just intellectually but monetarily as well. We give equal chances to fresh speakers just as we would give an experienced speaker. This is one of the better and effective ways to let the community of digital testing grow. Check “Speak for us” section for more details.
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