App Feature

Introducing TestBuddy

An Android app, make your life much easier


Participate in testcycle from anywhere


Keep track of rating and earning on the go


Login defect is now like cake walk


Never miss an important update

Key Features

TestBuddy is an android application that makes the tester life much easier. Now tester can participate and report the bugs from anywhere at anytime. Accessing the test build made so easy.


TestBuddy notification is always active for you, it will notify and remind you for all new testcycles actions.

Bug Reporting and screenshots

Report the bugs whenever you find, its like a cake walk. Now you can easily provide the screenshots, recorded videos, and debug logs using the TestBuddy app.

Access your payment details

Keep updated with your activities and the earnings.

One click access of Test build

Now accessing the test builds is so easy, just one click and test build will get installed in your device. No need to use other sharing applications.

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