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It is time that we speak our thoughts and share it with the community of digital testing. Since the world is growing at a rapid rate, the testing medium too is growing on a daily basis with continuous developments in the field by integrating AI, Automation, Machine Learning and much more. This is the reason we have come up with an opportunity for all the experts around the world to speak for the community and interact with them to improve the world of testing.

Everyone thinks that speaking is a tough job and not everyone is good at it but we believe when you possess knowledge about something, you should be capable enough to tell that to the world. We encourage experts of all age to join us in this endeavour in imparting the knowledge we possess to the future generation. You can nominate yourself or refer someone to speak at TestUnity events, workshops, Testathon, webinars and TestTalks.


  • Speaking increases your self-confidence on multiple levels. When you interact with a live audience, you learn to speak fluently and put words to your thoughts in seconds, helping you develop your personality.
  • When you teach someone, you learn as well. It is completely true in this case as well. The interactions help you understand different perspectives, forcing you to think in different ways. When you think differently, that is when you learn.
  • Not getting an opportunity to communicate with the masses is one complaint many people have. We offer a great chance for speakers to make their point to packed audiences and inspire them to create more in the field of testing.
  • Speaking at such community talks improves your profile significantly. If you speak well, people would be interesting to you even more and thus improving your chances to get more such opportunities in our community.

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