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About the Program

This writing program enables experts from around the world to share their invaluable thoughts about anything in the field of digital testing and quality assurance. We provide such talented minds an opportunity to showcase their technical acumen along with their writing talent. You just need to send in your written material to us and wait for a response. If the expert reviewers at TestUnity find it relevant to be shared with the world, we publish it on our page and in turn, you are paid.

Why to write for the community?

  1. Why keep your talent with yourself when you can help the community? By writing for our blogs, articles, Medium posts, training material or even the Quora answers, you are helping the community in a big way. If testers can benefit with the content you are providing them, there is no better service you can provide to this small community of testers.
  2. The key here is that you learn when you write. When you write an article or blog, it is natural that it involves research to back your thoughts and views. That research not only benefits the writing material but also increases your knowledge.
  3. You get recognition and remuneration for doing this. We give full credits to the author of the article or blog on whatever platform we publish it. Such recognition improves your reputation in the testing community around the world.
  4. Our expert reviewers help you understand the mistakes you make if there are any. This will help you improve your writing skills and make the necessary changes to make it an even better article.
  5. We ensure that the maximum number of people read your content. We email the content to all our community members so that they do not miss the published content. This will help you increase your reach and hence the viewership as well.

Benefits and Rewards

Testunity doesn’t expect you to work for free. All publishers get compensated for their work. There are 4 standard options available for each article published:

  1. Get amount transferred to your Paytm wallet (INR 1 for every 2 words)
  2. Get free pass to attend meetups, webinars, Testathon, and workshops for one year if you submit four blogs/articles of 1000 words in a month
  3. Get access to Testunity LMS and redeem the money you earned in Testunity academy to learn more from the online courses
  4. Get special awards and Testunity T-shirts if your article/blog post trends on social media

Topics that we’re interested in

  1. Latest topics on security, performance, automation, and devops
  2. Trending news in Software Testing
  3. Best practices in Software Testing
  4. Step-by-step guide for any testing process and tools
  5. How to help the testers up their skillset
  6. Future trends in Digital Testing and QA

How to get started?

To get started, you have to send us your completed first draft of your post by emailing us at info@testunity.com with subject “For Guest Post – Topic name or Title”

Your post should include:

  1. Top title: Your post should have top tittle not more than 50 words and its should be clear, attractive and catchy
  2. Introduction: Mention the key ideas in the introduction
  3. Sub-headings: Use sub-headings, short paragraphs, bullet points of your key points of the posts.
  4. Images: Images, infographics, charts or graphs but should be free to use (no copyrights images)
  5. References: Provide reliable reference if applicable

Points you need to keep in mind before writing

  1. Content should be original and SEO friendly
  2. Content should not republish on any other platform
  3. We encourage articles or blogs to upwards of 1000 words at least
  4. The content should add value to the community and the readers
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